Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pretty In Pink At The Farm Chicks Campout

Leaving no doubt as to her objective, Miss Elaine brought her trailer all the way from California to Spokane, Washington, to camp in conjunction with the Farm Chicks Antique Show.

You can just about imagine the attention she must have gotten with this pink and white Shasta in tow across three states.

The trailer made a lovely centerpiece at the campground, too.

Here's another trailer treasure in pink and white. I didn't get to meet her owner; no one was home.

I love what's written on the side...and the fact that the pink paint is allowed to show through the silver bar.

This pink trailer is actually a step-mat created by Miss Denise--the most amazingly creative crafter ever--using fabric from Maryjane Butters 'glamping' line for Moda.

People are pretty in pink, too! Here's Miss Jasmine with one of the 40 china place settings she brought with her for our potluck table. This was her first campout with the girl-gang, and I must say: She seems to have been born to it!

Next time: Creative ideas from the Farm Chicks flock.

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