Tuesday, July 2, 2013

10 Ideas You Can Borrow for Girl Camping

1. Use an old ironing board as a sign. Bonus: Stand it up to make an extra table or an impromptu bar.

2. Transport treasures in a set of vintage luggage. Bonus: You can display the luggage itself once you've removed the items you put inside.

3. Use an old suitcase as a step. Tip: Reinforce the inside with scraps of lumber, and make a non-slip surface by affixing a carpet piece to the top.

4. Cut up old license plates to make signs. Bonus: They yield numbers as well as letters.

5. Make anchors for your awning-pole ropes. When you can't pound stakes into grass, these give you a way to anchor down the awing poles. For each, you'll need a large can, an extra-long eye bolt, a quick-link (it connects the rope to the eyebolt) and quick-mix cement.

6. Paint your propane tanks. Bonus: Add a basket of flowers to the top and you have an instant garden.

7. Make a pennant banner from vintage hankies. Bonus: Yours won't look like anyone else's.

8. Display your party clothes. Why save something as fun as these red shoes for just a single occasion?

9. Get creative with chalkboard paint.  Bonus: Any sign surface you make with it can be erased and used again.

10. Add whimsy with a simple but silly 'road sign.' Bonus: You can make one with nothing more than a few pieces of scrap wood, a handful of screws, and some white paint.


  1. Such fabulous ideas! I really LOVE the banner made out of hankies! I've been looking for one so, I'm gonna try that! Wonderful glamping blog! Blessings~~~Roxie

  2. Let's hear it for all the creative women we get to camp with--their ideas are boundless and so much fun!

  3. Fabulous and fun! Glamping gals always amaze and add starch to my crinoline!

  4. I love these ideas. What great fun. If I can just find me a small light weight trailer now that I have the small truck. Love reading this blog.

  5. Love the painted propane tanks. New to this and excited to get going on fixing up my vintage Shasta.

  6. Those hankies can be purchased at most $ stores without breaking the bank!

  7. thanks for all the ideas love them

  8. Your brain is so full of creative ideas, and your heart is full of love. Thanks for sharing!

  9. You ladies give me inspiration. Thank you. Just became the owner of a 1955 Bellwood that needs a full restoration from the frame up. this is the 2nd one I'm doing and by far the hardest. See ya on the road