Monday, November 11, 2013

A Few Creative Ideas You Might Like

If there's anything I've learned about the Girl Camping crowd, it's that it's full of creative women. In fact, one of the notable benefits of attending a group gathering is that you're sure to come away with new ideas to try. Some are decorative, some are practical…you can take your pick.

1. Use old belts as trim. These are beaded souvenir belts, but almost any kind of fashion belt will work--and you can pick them up at thrift stores for a song.

2. Pick up a shelf riser or two; they come in very handy. Here, a tall one is used to make a level surface over a propane tank, so the owner can set things on it.

3. If you have an unsightly propane tank, you can hide it with a round, pop-up laundry hamper. Or, line the hamper with a garbage bag to make a trash container.

4. If you've removed the propane tank from your trailer, you can dress up the hitch space with a sign or other items. On this trailer, the cowboy boots are bolted to the frame and used to hold the sign. They'd make a good holder for dried flowers, too, or fresh ones if vases were inserted.

5. A flat-sided suitcase, reinforced with scrap lumber, makes a dandy trailer step. This one's been painted to match the trailer, with a piece of non-slip carpeting glued to the top.

If you have cool ideas of your own to share, feel free to post them in the Comments section. Or, take a photo and share with the readers of our Girl Camping page on Facebook.


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  2. all are super good ideas..

  3. Good ideas! I especially like the suitcase as a step.

    1. I was wondering about that one too. How does one reinforce it with scrap lumber? Hhhhhhhmmmmmm.

    2. The step is definitely reinforced with lumber!

    3. The step is definitely reinforced with lumber!

  4. Soooo have you given up posting? Sighhhhhhhhhh ;-)

  5. Hi, Nancy. I seem to be taking a winter hiatus from blogging. However, the Facebook page is very active!

  6. Well just be that way then! LOL
    What is the facebook link? I tried Girl Camping and got Glam Camping. LOL

  7. Try this.

    Or, just Google 'Girl Camping Facebook.' It should come up. There's also a FB link on the blog page.

  8. All great tips! Thank you for sharing them!