Thursday, March 13, 2014

Girl Camping at Home

I love everything about camping with 'the girls' and look forward to every outing. But the truth of the matter is that even Girl Camping Girl spends more time at home than at campgrounds. Unless you make your living as a camp host, you probably do, too.

To fill in those gaps between camping for real, I find myself applying aspects of the Girl Camping lifestyle to my home. The small trailer replicas are a given!

I also bring the outdoors in, with such things as willow twigs placed in water so they'll leaf out.

Pennant banners are fun and interesting. Why save them just for use outdoors? This one, with scenes from fairy tales, has amused me all winter in my living room.

Normally used outdoors, this tea-light chandelier gets to come in for the cold-and-rainy season.
It reminds me of evenings out under the stars.

The picture postcards from my travels make a colorful tide-me-over when I can't be on the road.

After the birds go south for the winter, their little houses come inside and become a mini trailer park.

I collect paint cards, for inspiration.

I'll even go so far as to 'play trailers' with food--leading to the 'ginger-bread trailer house'!

Obsessive? Yeah, maybe so.

But what the heck--Girl Camping fun isn't just where you find it. A lot of times, you have to make it yourself.

And I don't stay home without it!


  1. and this is why I luv peeking into your blog... it always makes me smile!

  2. Just came across your blog!! it, love it, love it! So many great ideas and fun things you have done. I am hoping to buy and 'redo' an airstream. Thanks for your blog..keep up the amazing work!

    1. Welcome to the Girl Camping Gang!

    2. I love it.Especially the fairytale banner! I'll have to make one with landscapes scenes. Edna.

  3. This post is awesome, some nice ideas for all of us in case we are longing for some time outdoors camping.

  4. So enlightening, motivating and uplifting! Thanks!!