Monday, February 9, 2015

Analyze This Vintage Trailer

Here's an old travel trailer I spotted while out on a Sunday drive. All I got was this one photo. Let's use it to analyze the trailer's condition based on what's readily visible.

The task: Get clues to what's missing, what needs fixing, and where deeper problems may lurk. Use your critical eyes.

What do you see? What does it tell you, or make you wonder about?


  1. I wouldn't even know where to begin. It makes me think twice about looking for a vintage trailer!

  2. Its a good fix er upper project...

  3. I see water stains on the curtains, the tires can't possible be any good so you would have to buy tires just to move it. I see hole on the left front side and what may be a tare on the bottom right side of the front. Looks a little lopsided but that could be the way it's parked. There is one for sale on Craig's List here in Tucson for $1,000. looks similar to this one but not as bad a shape, of course they do not give you any interior pics. But they do tell you it needs restoration on the interior. Which I had a place to work on something like that.

    1. Water stains were the first thing I noticed too & the ripple on the side. Didn't even notice that hole. That's why it's good to shop with a friend:)

  4. Did you notice the rippled exterior (skin) on the driver side? Skin also appears to have separated from the lower edge of the frame. Suggestive of rotten wood behind the skin. The fuel tank is gone. Chances are the tubing into the trailer will need to be brought up to date along with a new tank.

  5. Poor old thing. I didn't notice that but i guess the wiring may even need to be replaces. When my man was alive we used to fix up all kinds of junk, and we had fun with it.

  6. send it to a professional and shell out about a gazillion dollars to have it brought back to life! lol!

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