Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Continued: Girl Camping Moments, 2015

I ended my previous post with more 2015 Girl Camping outings left to report. Not to say that I'm done camping for the year! But between the July 4 Weekend and mid-September, I seized these other chances to be out and camping with friends:

End of July: Girl Camp! This is a privately hosted (by yours truly) camping bash in Elk River, Idaho. I chose to keep it simple by taking the smallest of my vintage trailers, this 1961 Aloha compact named Little House on the Bumper.

Things tend to go a little wild at Girl Camp. Maybe it's the matching shirts, or the crazy costumes that appear at some point!

August: Miss Shelley took her '53 Aljoa and I took Iron Pony (1972 Red Dale) for a weekend of primitive camping on the fabulous Selway River of Idaho. We soaked up the sun and soaked in the clear running water. This was camping, not glamping, though we did allow ourselves some amenities.

And it's a good thing we did, because just days later, the area was devastated by forest fire. We aren't sure whether this lovely free campground survived or not.

September: Iron Pony made the trip to Cheney, Washington, for Karen's Kamp--a weekend hosted by Miss Karen at her country home. She has the luckiest hens in the world. They live in Karen's Chicken Mansion, and it certainly is that! These chickens live in style. And so did we!

In between these trips away from home, I had plenty of chances to camp at home, too. Wherever, whenever…carpe camping!


  1. Thanks Juli, for the lovely comments. Thanks for sharing all the lovely trailers.

  2. Love it all but that "hat" in particular:)

  3. I love your blog. Thanks for all the great photos. I hope that the campground was saved from the fire. :)

  4. yep,,, Glamping season comes to an end all to soon... but,, there is always Spring to look forward to,,, not to mention spending the Winter perusing the Thrifts for that perfect 'find' to put into our lil playhouses on wheels! eh?

  5. Great pics - looked like you guys err... gals had a great time!

  6. Great pics - looked like you guys err... gals had a great time!

  7. Aww... There's just something so awesome about camping with the ladies. Great times indeed. Your pictures captured it all. :)

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