Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Discovery: Off-Season Camping on the Salmon River

Native Americans of the interior Northwest had the right idea: In spring and summer, they lived in the northern mountainous areas that offer warm days and cool nights. As fall came on and led to winter, they moved farther south, down to sheltered areas along the free-flowing, salmon-filled rivers.

Which is exactly how Girl Camping Girl and a few smart friends plan to turn their camping obsession into a year-round thing.

'Girl Camp South' just got established on the Salmon River, at a sweet little RV park outside the snow zone.

The park, flanked by sheltering canyon walls, lies just to the left of the bridge, above.

With big shade trees, a pretty lawn, and a fishing beach just steps away, it's a lovely spot.

The park has a winter storage plan that allows for leaving a trailer on-site by a power hook-up. Owners can come and stay any time, with access to the park's super-clean bathrooms, showers and laundry. The campfire area is under the riverside gazebo.

The river rolls smoothly behind the park but drops into rapids as it passes under the bridge. (The Salmon, also known as the River of No Return, is one of the most praised and popular rafting rivers in the world. Steelhead fishermen love it, too.)

On the initial tryout weekend, GCG and friends loved falling asleep to the sound of 'river music.'

They watched a full moon rise over the east canyon wall and sink behind the west wall. They got the binoculars out to investigate the modern-day homesteads established on the canyon benches.

They also marked some territory, as Girl Campers are wont to do.

They'll be back. Because this year, the Girl Camping Girls and friends finally have a way to make the winter pass faster!


  1. Are you kidding? A real warm zone, in the middle of winter...right here in the middle of the NW? I just have a hard time believing this! Can I come for a visit with that sweet river music in the background?

  2. Such a lovely post! It makes me want to stay there too.....but I already do! Can't wait to see girl campers throughout the winter at my special little RV Park :)
    ---Anna, Owner
    Swiftwater RV Park

  3. Anna, your park is a dream come true. Thanks for having us!

  4. I absolutely *love* that silhouette with the wine glass. That is awesome.

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