Saturday, October 20, 2012

My First Vintage Travel Trailer

You know that line in the 'Pretty Woman' movie, where Julia Roberts asks Richard Gere how come he knows so little about cars, and he replies that his first car was a limousine?

My first trailer was an Airstream.

Not just any Airstream, but a 1970s behemoth that takes up 33 linear feet of parking room and weighs 5,600 pounds before you put anything in it. Takes a one-ton truck to pull her on anything but flat, straight road. Which there is none of where I live.

'So why something THAT big?' you might ask.

Because it was an Airstream. And because that's as much as I knew about vintage travel trailers at the time (except for the fact that I'd fantasized about having one for most of my adult life).

It didn't occur to me that with tow vehicle, this was going to be about 50 feet and 8 tons of rig. And not something I was going to hook up and go camping or traveling with on a whim.

It also didn't occur to me I wasn't going to be rehabbing a camping trailer--I was going to be remodeling a house. And that this was most likely going to take years. Years in which I would not have any time left to go camping.

Those realities would set in soon enough, and my first trailer-love found its purpose as a seasonal guest house/cabin/studio (I'm sitting in her right now, writing this post).

My second trailer--LOL--was this one:


  1. Both beauties in their own right. :-)

  2. Both beauties in their own right. :-)

  3. It's all about the camping....not a home! ;)

  4. Been there~ Not knowing much about trailers or towing them, our first trailer was a 32 ft...which actually ended up with hitch and bumper being 37 feet total length. What a disaster! Now we are longing for a tiny trailer. Something easy to hitch and go.

  5. Each one of your trailers Juli has a unique and special feel, they cannot be compared to one another except for the towing factor of course. I love all your trailers and the way each one has a personality of their own. They are decorated perfectly for their theme and style and length. I love the airstream on the river and this cute little 2nd trailer of yours in my backyard. Each one will always carry a special place in my heart.

  6. and now,,, you have HOW MANY 'lil play houses on wheels' in your driveway?..LOL!

  7. Love it......What a great story and at least you found purpose for UR 1st Love....

  8. When I saw the Airstream, the first thing that came into mind is how I would convert it to a house rather than make it run. Apparently we came to the same conclusion. Haha!

    The second trailer looks cute, though it looks a bit cramped. But it does serve its purpose, and is easier to tow around for impromptu camping impulses.

    Liza @

  9. Great pics! They definitely look nice. I love Airstreams. I'd love to see the inside if you did any rennovating!


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