Monday, October 8, 2012

Modeling Our Motto: Live Now, Be Free

We've got to hand it to ourselves: When we get wind of the slightest possibility of a new Girl Camping adventure, we don't let the mundane stand in the way of obeying that call of the wild.

Sure, we could stay home and catch up on the laundry, or whatever. But it's not the Girl Camping way.

Why wallow around in anything that resembles a rut (half a day wasted on Facebook, anyone?), or keep pressing that 'Someday' button--when what you'd really be doing is wasting one of the days you have left to:

Live now, be free.

We're not talking about a heedless dump of your duties. You know what they are, and when you MUST do them instead of seeking a new bridge to cross.

But we are talking about carpe diem--'seize the day'--as a motivating point of view.

So revisit that place that speaks to your heart. Or take that drive into unfamiliar territory.

Get the RV--small or big, vintage or new--if that's what you want to do. 

Trade your fears for your freedom. Try out that new activity trail you've been eyeing.

 Been waiting for a sign? OK--you've got one! Let us know how you decide to fill it in.


  1. Spent the weekend doing a garage sale, $800 dollars closer to RVing full time....Look our world here I come!!

  2. You are our poster girl, for sure! Go, Karen!

  3. In the movie, "Doc Hollywood" I love the comment the Mayor makes to Dr. Ben Stone... "Get off the interstate Ben Stone".... and that is what I am trying to do! Get off the interstate, take the path less traveled and 'carpe diem'--'seize the day'
    Happy Trails!
    Even Dr Seuss said it... "Oh the places you'll go and the things you'll see!

  4. Been there, done that...and I am going to keep doing it!! It is just the most fun, guess I had better get off here and plan for more trips!

  5. Being an adventurer is #1 on my gratitude list! So glad I got bit by this bug in the days of my youth, and that nothing has ever hindered--not marriage, low funds, 3 little (or big) kids, being a single mom, etc--each step out our door has the potential for travel bliss! Nicely done Juli!