Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Camping With Sisters on the Fly in Kennewick, Washington

For the vintage trailer enthusiast, there's nothing quite like that first group campout of the season. All the blogs, Facebook pages and online forums that sustain us over the winter can't take the place of pulling into a campground and seeing one personalized trailer and on-cloud-9 owner after another.

This particular kick-off was a Sisters on the Fly gathering in Kennewick, Washington.  The 50+ vintage trailers and occasional small motorhome were a far cry from the humongous white boxes that make up the modern-day RV inventory.

Even when they're the same brand or model, no two are ever alike.

Some are polished, some are painted, some are 'as found,' and loved just the same.

At a group campout, you always end up seeing something from the vintage trailer world that's new to you. This was my first look at the canvas awning/add-a-room setup that was an option with Aristocrat trailers. Very well made, and sturdy as well, with four roof-brace poles that attach the trailer's exterior.

Original commode and rear kitchenette in a '60s Aloha.

Fresh paint job on a wee Lil Loafer (one of the smallest travel trailers made).

'62 Shasta compact, complete with wings--among the most iconic of all trailer models.

I'll post more pictures as the week goes by. The camera got  a workout!


  1. It was a fun weekend, the best birthday week in a very long time!
    I must compliment you on your photos, you have given me a whole new way to look at taking trailer pictures...thanks, you pro!

    I loved the diversity of trailers at this event, super fun to see all the different traits each trailer had back in the day.

  2. Great photos! Looks so much fun, I just love vintage trailers! They each have their own personality, and charm. Someday I hope to join an event like this. Can't wait! Thanks for sharing:)