Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How To Get More Use From That Tiny Trailer Sink

I don't know about you, but I have never washed dishes or anything else in the tiny sinks that occupy most vintage travel trailers. I do my water-type chores outside, cuz I really don't want to have to scour a dirty sink.

So what to do with that hole in the counter besides have it turn into a clutter catch-all?

* Place an enamelware bowl in the cavity. If you do have to rinse something, you can do it in the bowl. And it's prettier to look at.

* Put a plate over the top of the bowl. This gives you an extra surface area, and also works as a way to stash small items, of sight.

* Set a vintage metal serving tray over the sink. The tray's lip will hold it in place and you'll gain counter space.

* Think UP, and place a shelf riser over the sink. Now you can drip-dry those rinsed martini glasses!

* Set your tray atop the shelf riser. If you need to move things in and out of the trailer--condiments, perhaps, or snacks--you can just pick up the tray and go. And your regular sliver of counter space can be used for something else.


  1. Great idea - on my list for almost first camping trip. Thanks

  2. It's all about 'thinking outside the box',,, or in your case...'thinking outside the sink'... lol!