Friday, April 19, 2013

Vintage Trailer Names and Numbers

We camped with Sisters on the Fly last weekend, and in that faction of vintage-trailer enthusiasts, every member has a number and many trailers sport a name. Lots of creativity on display for both.

For instance, Sister 3267, owner of a gleaming aluminum Silver Streak, applied decals to an aluminum baking sheet for a sign that seamlessly matches the trailer.

Named for a relative of her owner, this trailer's name is Miss Wilma. She sports her membership number on the front of her step.

Here we have Just Breez'n Along, with her name painted on the front of her curved roof.

Same here with Wild Honey.

Sister 1276 has a patriotic-theme trailer, and boasts her number on her cooler.

We know a lot about Sister 3471 just from this sign. She likes pink, green, lace, and polka dots, and favors Jack Russell dogs.

Trailer Trash Diva announces herself with letters cut from license plates, applied to a piece of driftwood.

Sister 444 (yours truly) employs house letters on a repurposed drawer front.

The trailer's name, Iron Pony, is on the back, the better for other drivers to see it.

Just a sampling, hope to show you more as the Girl Camping season continues!

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