Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Girl Camping Girl Returns (to Blogging, That Is)

Behold, a moment of epiphany.

Not long after the last Girl Camping blog post, in July, I celebrated a milestone birthday by throwing a 4-day party for friends who brought their trailers. There I am, Girl Camping Girl, with just one of many wonderful gifts from the guests. It was the kickoff of a grander-than-grand time had by all.

In fact, there was a point at which I was so swept away and laughing so hard that I simply could not tear myself away to fetch my own camera and record the scene, for sharing later.

That's when it hit me. Camping is about being in the moment. It's a real-time activity, undertaken in large part for creation of R&R--not for doing more of the same that you do every day. I happen to 'create content,' as they put it now in media, for a living. Why was I even thinking of leaving the first-person fun in order to step back behind the wall of professional observer?

So I created my own gift for myself, right then and there, with a decision to stop blogging for a while, and do just go camping instead.

Everything has its seasons, and I've just had a dormant but rewarding one as among the blogging unfaithful. Seasons do change, though, and the Girl Camping porch light is back on. So, thanks for your patience, and see you again real soon.


  1. Wow! So good to see another blog from you. I enjoy your blogging very much.

  2. I'll be here waiting for the next blog. I also took most the summer off from blogging. Love, love the pillow!

  3. I truly understand..... sometimes we have to let go,,, and just enjoy,,, after all, isn't that what 'fond memories' are for?
    I too have not been very faithful to my blog,,, partly out of necessity and partly out of 'emotions'... but I think I too will return,,, thanx for pointing me back into the right direction!
    hugz & happy Trails.....

  4. Welcome back, you were missed! Love all your adventures with the little little trailer..... But it is important to make the memories not just record the events!! Glad you made it back!!

  5. Glad you are back, looking forward to your next post.
    Lori in Atlanta

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    thank you :)