Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2013 Travels With Iron Pony (1972 Red Dale)

This trailer's name is Iron Pony. She's a 1972 Red Dale, and the trailer I camp with most of the time (yep, I have more than one). Here she is the first part of April, just out of covered storage from the winter.

This also is from April, when I took the trailer out to a Sisters on the Fly event in south-central Washington.

End of April, on the Salmon River. I towed up and down several mountain grades to reach this site and thus kept the 'extra frills' to a minimum. The less weight and less load to shift in transit, the better.

Mid-May, north of Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, for Miss Mig's birthday campout. This was a rainy, chilly weekend, so no decor that couldn't get wet.

Early June, at Riverside State Park, near Spokane, Washington, for a campout held the same weekend as the Farm Chicks Antique Show. I filled the trailer with flowers before leaving home, and set them out at my camp when I arrived.

July, at Girl Camp, my little slice of heaven in the Clearwater National Forest. Iron Pony has her very own RV slab and corner bar here, and she spent a good 2 months enjoying the wonderful view that comes with both.

This fall, back on the Salmon River at Swiftwater RV Park, White Bird, Idaho. Notice the different RV rug than in previous shots? I think I may like this one the best--what about you?


  1. I love your red carpet... Is it a plastic outdoor weave? I call this post "The Many Faces of the Iron Horse" Wish Swiftwater RV Park wasn't so far away from me.

  2. Yes, the red rug is a plastic outdoor weave. 'Navajo Breeze' is the name of the pattern.

  3. I love the Navajo Breeze rug may I ask where pretty rugs like this can be purchased .I have been looking and have found nothing pretty or that large thank you.

  4. Do a Google search for NAVAJO BREEZE RV PATIO MAT. Several places sell it.