Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vintage Trailers: From Hobby to Industry

Have you noticed it--the surge in products, TV episodes and advertisements that are capitalizing on the growing craze for vintage trailers?

From speciality businesses like La Crema Coffee Company to mass retailers like WalMart, the image of a vintage trailer---tied to the dreams and memories it stirs up--has become a hot-trend way to get products flying out the door.

For proof, do a Google search for 'glamping,' or 'vintage camper,' and click 'shopping' from the menu bar.

Want fabric with little trailers on it? No problem. How about a child's indoor play tent that pops up to look like a vintage trailer? Or maybe a doll-sized playset with camper trailer and accessories? Or pajamas with tiny trailers in the graphics? Birdhouses? Cookie jars and teapots? Salt and pepper shakers? Jewelry? You can find all that and much, much more with a vintage trailer theme, just by going online.

If you run across any interesting links, share them in the Comments section.

1 comment:

  1. So true! Camping/glamping goodies and accessories are everywhere!
    Oh and what fun it is to shop for that perfect goody! :>)
    Happy Trails....