Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Blog Post No. 201: A Few Thoughts from Girl Camping Girl

I can feel it…2016 is going to be an amazing Girl Camping year. A few thoughts on 'why the vibe.'

* Over the past dozen years or so, and especially in the last few, passion for vintage trailers and the VT culture has gone from obscure niche interest to full-blown social phenomenon.

* The hobby has become an industry, supporting a TV show ('Flippin' RVs'), a magazine in the U.S. and one in Australia, books,  rallies, social-media sites, repair and service businesses, and the re-introduction of vintage-trailer styling by the RV industry.

* VT iconography has been mainstreamed. You can buy a vintage-trailer birdhouse at Rite-Aid, VT-theme pajamas at Walmart, Target, Shopko and JC Penneys, VT fabrics at all major outlets, even flamingo cowboy boots with a vintage Shasta on the soles. If you want a way to flaunt your interest, the product range is there.

* VT interest is large enough now for many tribes to have formed, each with a specialty within the specialty. You can be into it for the restoration/rally award factor. You can join a camping club that admits women only, or one that only allows men. You can go co-ed if you'd rather. You can keep your camp trailer at home for the sole purpose of decorating it and sitting in it once in a while. You can become a vintage-trailer collect-o-holic. You can sign up for trailer-caravan trips and travel to cool places. You can trade your vintage trailer for a new one, or vice versa. Whatever clamps your hitch!

* Social media, Facebook in particular, have opened the hobby's doors like nothing else before them. Thanks to on-line photos and conversations, would-be campers and VT dreamers have a way to see into the hobby and learn from veterans before ever spending a dime. And let's face it: It's hard not to fall for the romance of a perfectly tricked-out vintage trailer. You see one in a picture, and before you know it, want one of your own. Then you go looking, then you find your trailer and your tribe, and then, well, here we are, both on this page together.

I said I'd keep Post No. 201 to a few thoughts, so I'll end here. There's much more to say, but I'll leave that open for you, in Comments!


  1. It has certainly grown - will be curious to see what more you are thinking:)

  2. Thanks for your reply. One more thing that's on my mind: With the huge increase in interest, there's a much bigger need for basic towing/towing-safety information. I'm seeing a lot more enthusiasts, mostly women, who tow with under-powered, under-bodied SUVs, and without good safe-towing skills. I write about towing and safety matters here, and on the FB page--but frankly, it's the decorating topics that get the most clicks.

  3. I agree... research and don't believe the dealers totally...check it out for your self or ask a trusted friend. Towing with the proper vehicle, the right tow hitch, stabilizer and weight distribution set up is important. I have an equalizer (name if hitch) tow set up...I had it on my smaller camper and now my lager camper....made all the difference in the world. There is also the ease of hooking it spring back of bars and it is easy!

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