Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pretty Crib Linens--Put to Use for Girl Camping

On a recent visit to our small-town thrift store, I came upon a donated bag of crib linens. I have no one in a crib to buy for. But the color scheme, with pinks, browns and cream,  matches that of a trailer I'm working on, so I took a closer look.

'It's 4-buck-a-bag day,' said the counter volunteer, in an encouraging tone.

The set included a crib-sized dust ruffle. Eureka--that size is a perfect fit for the top of a 4-foot folding table--a utilitarian item that's standard in my Girl Camping gear due to its many uses.

The hand-crocheted afghan--surely made with love--gives the tabletop a warm, pretty top layer, and can be used for personal cozy-up use as well.

The crib set's quilt, a machine-made item from Martha Stewart, will make a perfect topper for the bed inside the trailer.

And, the set's coordinating laundry bag can hang inside a closet to store towels and other linens.

You just never know where inspiration might strike, and I've now added 'children's section' to my itinerary on thriftiquing ventures!


  1. Perfect together, the fabrics are great!

  2. Perfect together, the fabrics are great!

    1. You were with me when I found this bag of linens--in Troy, Idaho!

  3. That's what I luv about "Thriftiquing" it encourage us to think outside the box... or in this case... outside the bag! Lol!

  4. great idea and the colors are really nice some times you see these trailers with way to much pink. I guess its what ever someone likes. Can't wait to see the finished restore

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