Thursday, January 7, 2016

How to Kick-Start Your Own Girl Camping

You see the trailer photos on Facebook and read about the camping-event fun everyone else is having, and you wonder:

How do I get in on this? When will there be an event near me? How do I get invited?


You take a first step--which is to hook up or pack the tent, and go camping. Even if it's only for an afternoon, and no farther than a girlfriend's yard. With no other objective than to go do it. I'm serious.

Don't fall for the notion that desire alone will bring the Girl Camping opportunities to you. That puts the goal out of your control, and can leave you waiting forever. But you do have control over the actions you take, and that's where opportunities lie--with actions.

Some of the best of my Girl Camping times have occurred when I've been all by myself. Or with one friend at a time. Or with a handful of gals who do nothing more all weekend than hang out, laugh, and enjoy one another.

In fact, I seldom attend what you'd call an 'event,' or rallies with scads of people and a program of activities. Instead, I do most of my Girl Camping with a small network of drive-distance friends.

The secret: I found my tribe (as the cliche goes) by starting as a tribe of one. I learned, almost immediately, that practicing your passion draws others to you. One turns to two. Two turns to four. And so it goes from there. It's not just your tribe numbers that grow. You also end up with more chances and places to go camping--because action breeds motivation for more action.

Proof: The Girl Camping page on Facebook, which I launched and still maintain, has close to 20,000 followers. The weekly reach has been as high as 3 million. It's probably how you found us.

Yet the Girl Camping page, and spread of the term and concept (use this link to join our group-discussion site on Facebook), started as nothing more than a way for me to 'talk camping' with the first five gals to spend a weekend at my Girl Camp property. The page took off from there all on its own, with no paid promotion or sponsorship of any kind.

The interest was greater than I ever dreamed. I've never experienced anything else quite like it.

Call it a Girl Camping tribe, a clan, a gang, a family, or what you will. You do have one, and you will find it.

Hit the kick-start. Just go camping!


  1. Yep, it's that easy. Making the first contact is the key! Thanks for this post with some of Karen's Kamp.

  2. It took courage for me to attend an event in another State (ID) when I knew absolutely no one else there. But we've come a long ways baby! I love being a part of the 'tribe' and enjoyed every minute of the times we were together!

    1. Mutually beneficial! Keep that rig pointed west!

  3. Okay, so maybe I'm a tribe wannabe:) However, just found someone this last summer who likes camping, has trailer as well, etc. We did make it out once. Hopefully, this summer brings much more. My ol' gal still has go in her (the camper of course.) I love that there are other gals who camp. Thank you for posting.

  4. Hoorah, you did it! I'm proud of you! Thanks for letting us know you made it out camping, and here's to more.

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  6. Thanks for the inspirational tips.
    I'm searching for my tribe, on the road!

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