Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Little Little Trailer Camps With the Sisters

Whoa! The Little Little Trailer just went on quite the ride!

She was invited to join the party when members of the Sisters on the Fly vintage trailer group came to Spokane, Washington, in conjunction with the Farm Chicks Antique Show.

And what a party it was!

There was cake, decorated to look like a bigger version of TLLT herself.

The spread of goodies, at every meal, was well worth the downhill haul from the upper campground to the food table.

Some of the footwear was so unbelievably fancy that TLLT just couldn't get over it!

Ditto on some of the hats! It was definitely the first time for The Little Little Trailer to see a tophat at a campground. (Yet it somehow seemed to fit the occasion perfectly.)

Our wee-wheeled friend also loved all the flowers that one of the Sisters brought for the weekend.

The venue, Riverside State Park, is well named--the Spokane River runs right past the lower-level campsites and roars over a nearby falls.

While most of the camping Sisters went to the antique show, TLLT was more than content to stay back at the campgrounds and try out a logging road by the river.

By the time Saturday night rolled around, there was no doubt that The Little Little Trailer had gotten herself some fun-loving campin' companions. Woohoo!

Of course, the job of hauling off the evidence also fell to TLLT, thanks to the open truck bed on her tow vehicle. She was more than happy to pitch in and make herself useful, as that seemed to be part of the Sisters' code.

By the time she had to hook up and head out, The Little Little Trailer was all set to join Sisters on the Fly and become a regular. (But doggone it anyway--the SOTF license plate holder was way too big for TLLT's bumper.)

So she drove over to Girl Camping Girl's campsite to ask whether she ought to up-size.

But GCG told her she's perfect just as she is, and tucked The Little Little Trailer back into her purse--where she will get fueled up for her next adventure--whatever, wherever, and with whom that might turn out to be!


  1. Luv it! and if I can ever access my blog (Blogger & I are not on speaking terms at this moment) I will post pics of GCG! heeheehee!

  2. Try again. I loved the photos and comments. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the compliments about the blog! Thank YOU for joining in!