Thursday, June 28, 2012

Post No. 100: Thanks For Taking Our Ride!

The Little Little Trailer has been indisposed for a while, having some body work done, and thanks you for your patience in awaiting her return.

And then, seeing as how this is the 100th post to the Girl Camping blog, TLLT would like to say a few words of 'thanks so far' for...

* Reading along and being supportive, interested, and interesting.
* Telling other people about Girl Camping, the blog, and Girl Camping, the Facebook community.
* Liking some of our photos well enough to use them for inspiration.
* Being generous with your own camping ideas, links, and photos.
* Letting us know you miss us during our occasional absences.

You're the best cyber-audience that The Little Little Trailer has ever had!


  1. Congrats on #100 and thank YOU for all your inspirational posts and helpful info!

  2. It's been a fun, informative and inspirational ride. I'm grateful to you for the introduction to the wild world of trailerville! Oh and the friendship too!

  3. Your posts are educational, informative, and sometimes entertaining ;-) I miss you when you aren't around. Thank you for being you.

  4. Hurry back! It's time to hit the road!