Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vintage Trailers, Ready To Party!

Let it be known that we love all vintage travel trailers, whether they be sitting neglected out in some weeds or preserved in a museum.

But we especially love to see the trailers that are someone's darling, and that get dressed up for social occasions. Then, they're transformed from old-RV curiosities into campsite Cinderellas--all dressed up for the ball and ready to be 'received.'

It's as good as or maybe better than seeing your daughter's friends all dolled up for their first prom.

Did someone say 'prom'? This trailer's painted cowgirl has her party dress hanging on the door.

This trailer looks dressed up wherever she goes thanks to her customized paint job.

Here's one that's like a delicious, ready-to-pour party drink: Just add umbrella, and you're set.

String lights become a vintage trailer's nighttime bling.

Need some instant summer? Here she is!

Here we have the Audrey Hepburn of vintage travel trailers--so elegantly formed on her own that she needs but one adornment.

Presented for browsing: A whole trailer full of cowgirl antiques.

Herein resides another collector with an eye for charm.

We hereby declare the party started, so leave us a comment, and we'll know you've arrived!


  1. That last photo shows a brillian idea for an awning tie-down. I think I'll do something like that, thanks!!

  2. that awning tiedown works wonderfully that's how I do mine to, 2 strings in a V less mess, less tripping! (yeah I always trip over my own awning tie downs)

    1. What do you use for the crosspiece between your upright poles?

  3. Mom has a 30 foot SS. I can hardly wait to fix it up.

  4. Ok ladies, I need close ups of the awning. Words just aren't enough!
    Great collection of beauties!

  5. For the crosspiece, I use a piece of electrical conduit pipe, cut 6 inches wider than the distance between the uprights. Three inches in from each end, I drill a hole for the top top of an upright to go through.I'll make a separate post with a picture.

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  7. Let it be known that we love all vintage travel trailers, whether they be sitting neglected ...

  8. Beautiful photos! Really liked them. It reminded me of my last camping birthday at one of similar venues in San Francisco. It was a great day and everyone enjoyed a lot. It was one of best birthdays, I have ever celebrated.