Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun Ideas for Campsite Decor

No doubt about it, there's a cuteness factor to camping with a vintage trailer that tends to spill out into your campsite. The trailer itself is a draw for passersby, so why not add to the eye-delight factor if you feel like it?

The old washtub, above, becomes a campsite water feature with the addition of a submersible pond pump that recirculates water and makes a fountain when plugged in. (Find such a pump at any big-box home improvement store.)

A flock of flamingos will always draw smiles. We love the 'flamingo family' effect of using two different sizes, and the way the figures are nestled in front of nearby brush instead of right next to a trailer.

A wire basket, filled with artfully arranged silk flowers and greenery, has many potential homes at a campsite. This basket is a charming extra touch on an opened trailer door.

Keep a few loose silk-flower stems tucked into your trailer gear. You can always find a place to tuck them in for an instant visual surprise.

If you aren't keen on contributing to the Chinese economy while pursuing campsite decor, you can make a whimsical sign for your campsite using just  a few wooden garden stakes, a permanent marker, some screws, and a scrap of lumber for the post.

Many public campsites include a large picnic table, which can be an all-purpose surface for food prep, dining, and clean-up chores. But no reason why it can't devote part of its functionality to eye appeal as well.

Rules? There aren't any. Just turn your imagination loose and see what it comes up with!


  1. No one does it better than Girl Camping Girl!!!

  2. Thanks, let's camp together again soon!

  3. I love how you 'decor'....I hope some of it will rub off on me! You are the BEST!! Was that toooooo redneck?

  4. I hung my glass ball in my trailer about a week ago (before seeing yours here). My lovely friend, Donna, gave it to me a few years ago but I could almost hear it saying "Home at last!" or "Trailer at last!" when i put it up. :)

  5. I like the a wire basket, filled with artfully arranged silk flowers and greenery. I quite agree with your opinion talked in this article.

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