Monday, December 12, 2011

Girl Camping Without the Camping

Here's one thing you can say about Girl Campers--they don't have to be camping-camping to want to hang out together.

Even when camping-season weather is far, far away, and trailers are tarped up or otherwise stored away, girls still find ways to gather up.

They can spend a day foraging for funky junk,  not buy a thing, and still have a great time because they got to talk about their favorite things all day.

They can find indoor antique fairs and shows to attend (this one had a vendor operating from a vintage Shasta), and people-watch those drawn to the magnet of such a sweet little rig.

They can invite one another to a brunch just for trailer-ites, and then deploy for some city fun.

They can pull on winter clothes, pour some beverages of choice, and go visit the 'project trailer' out in the Man Cave (or Girl Cave, as the case may be).

They can rent a room in a meet-up town, then explore the sights and local color.

They can team up to check out trailers that may (or not) be for sale.

 They can entertain each other by taking and posting photos to social sites.

Endless possibilities, really, with many we didn't touch on.

The available connection--it's really as much about that as it is about the actual camping.

That's what we think, anyway.


  1. Just gotta ask.... where is Adams General Store & Cafe located? I mean....what town? I love, love, love wonderful old buildings like that!

  2. Oops.... just took a closer look. Adams Oregon? No Way!

  3. All these pictures make me want to get on the phone with all my glampin trailer gals and do some fun junkin around town!

  4. So true! and thank goodness for the sweet friends, sweet memories and photos as well.....
    Happy Trails until we meet again(in the Spring).

  5. Looks like so much fun. I wish I could get a group together in Chattanooga, TN.

  6. Hi, Beth. It starts with one, which then becomes two, and goes from there...completely infectious!

  7. Boy, this post really pushes the get-together button for me! Can't wait for my next adventure!