Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Remembrances of Campouts Past

Suffering from camping withdrawal? Need a little fix to tide you over? We hear that!

Though we do our best to keep everyone entertained and engaged through the non-camping season, with ideas for traileresque holiday decor and such, there are times when we just have to go straight to the actual-camping scrapbook in order to tide ourselves over.

Call it a booster shot of mental vitamin A (Anticipation).

Forget those pictures of campers in the snow. If we're gonna fantasize, then let it be about summer! (This is from Girl Camp 2010, when we campin' gals took over the swim dock at the nearly reservoir.)

And here we are at a Halloween campout, where the Girl Camp Lodge became the Insane Asylum for the weekend.

There was the early-May impromptu campout in Miss Grace's backyard, where we put up the tiki umbrella in defiance of the spring winds.

There was the grand time we had in Pendleton, Oregon (home of the famous Pendleton Round-up), where the cowgirl trailer fit right in (Miss Pamelot on the left, Girl Camping Girl on the right).

That's where we got to meet some fine new friends, like Miss Linda, who owns this fabulously painted trailer.

There was Memorial Day weekend, when Girl Camp finally greened up after a very long and snowy winter.

And we mustn't forget the annual Farm Chicks campout at lovely Riverside Park in Spokane--one of our favorite events of the whole year.

Do these campers not look pretty darn happy to be glamping it up together?

Guess we'd have to call this a Petticoat Junction moment.

Even when we're all alone, conjuring up new adventures from Girl Camp World Headquarters (this is the penthouse parking pad at Girl Camp), we are lovin' life...hope you love yours a little bit more after this visit to the camping scrapbook!


  1. Thanks so much for the revisit! I really miss it, as I look out at the snow outside my we speak! I found flooring for 'Driving Ms.Daisy' so this Spring she will make a new presentation! Can't wait!

    Camping Girl hugs to you!

  2. Yep! a much need "fix", on a gloomy, ground covered in snow morning!
    Wagons HO!

  3. No snow here in Oregon, but boy is it COLD! My new-to-me-and-yet-to-go-camping'57 Shasta is sitting under her canopy in the driveway. Thanks for the booster shot! Your blog is great!

  4. thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures for me to dream too! I have a 50's canned ham and have dolled her out, but none of my friend have a trailer....Hope to find or start a club..your blog is wonderful!

  5. Hi Shawn, great to meet you here! Camp on!