Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Dose of Mental Vitamin F (Fun) From Girl Camp

Moms of the '50s always told us kids to 'go make your own fun.' At Girl Camp, that's exactly what we do.

If there's a birthday (and there usually is,) it gets celebrated in the most glittering way possible.

Like when Girl Camping Girl's hubby turned 50, and asked for an Airstream cake...he got one. With 12 girls in tiaras to serve it to him.

The acclaimed and highly coveted 'redneck wine glass' delivers liquid fun on demand.

The mental vitamin F is dispensed from several areas of activity, and we try our best not to let anyone get lost trying to find them.

The vitamin F from an afternoon on the water is worth the 5-minute drive to get there from G. Camp.

MAJOR mental vitamin F from seeing lots of vintage travel trailers all in one place and all lovingly personalized.

Not to mention---it's also quite finely fun to be part of the most amazing drive-by attraction of the year in Elk River, Idaho--pop. 156.


  1. I love girl camp for all the fabulous fun I get to have with my girlfriends. I love to watch the trailers come up the hill and unload all their wonderful treasures. My favorite thing happens at night when all those cute little trailers all light up and then the glow in the dark party supplies put on the show and watch them glow.

  2. YOU are a favorite presence as well.

    May summer come back soon!

  3. Good morning & thanx for my dose of Vita-F... much needed on this gloomy foggy Friday morning....
    Happy Trails to you until we meet again....
    p.s., Ditto what miggy said! :>)