Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas With Your Vintage Trailer

Any time spent decorating a vintage travel trailer is fun--but at Christmas time, it's even better.

You get the perfect reason to go from 'excess in moderation' to 'excess in excess.' The more lights, the more baubles, the more trims and garlands, the better! (And if you happen to love red, you're automatically in business.)

Faux tabletop trees can go just about anywhere inside. For a different style of trailer than this one--more frilly or cottage, let's say, than Western--you could use feather trees, bottle-brush trees, tree-scented potpourii, a quilted tree...endless possibilities. (Tip: The small spaces inside a trailer are just right for smallish items that might seem lost inside your bigger house.)

Turn on the heater, put on some Christmas music, and entertain yourself by tucking favorite ornaments in amongst the pillows.

Layer on the lights and garlands, for the 'more is more' approach (favored at all times by some of us, not just during the holidays).

Shiny objects that reflect light are good, like these vintage round ornaments set into or next to glass, and LED tealights are handy as well (find them 3 to a package at Dollar Tree). For a Western or cowgirl trailer, jute rope makes a dandy garland, one that contrasts nicely with the all the shiny stuff.

Faux wreaths and greens have their place, and we use 'em, but it wouldn't seem right to decorate for Christmas without some real greenery, too. We popped a fresh 4-foot grand fir into an old washtub, and didn't even need to put it on a stand to make it stand upright--the branches hold it in, and we can pour water for the tree right into the tub.

Single-color ornaments give more visual 'pop' than a lot of mismatched ones, but if you love the mismatched ones--go for it!

For the greenery on the left side of the door, we simply turned a wooden stool upside down, set it on a chair, and filled the space between the legs with pine boughs and curly willow branches. Then we laced in a long red beaded garland.

And, for writing a cheery holiday message to would-be visitors, a chalkboard mixes in nicely--especially if it has a bright red frame!

We know that many of our Girl Camping friends have put their trailers into storage for the winter, and won't get a chance to trick them up for Christmas. This post lets these ladies live vicariously!

(And to all--a Merry Little Trailer Christmas from your friend, Girl Camping Girl.)


  1. :) YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME...YOU KNEW I WAS MISSING MY 'DRIVING MS. DAISY'...DIDN'T YOU? Thanks so much for sharing the phenomenal post and all you tireless decorating!


  2. P. S. Love the red frame..heeheheee

  3. Next year I am going to INSIST my camper is stored in the main garage. All this very cool stuff I'm missing...but thanks for letting us see yours!

  4. wow, that's nice idea to celebrate the Christmas. i will also try this idea when i got chance. anyways, trailers are looking so cute and beautiful.....
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