Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Vintage Travel Trailers From China

Look what we rounded up in the process of putting away Christmas decor and gifts.

It's a veritable trailer park from a multitude of retail sources--Hobby Lobby and Amazon among them.

What they all have in common is a little tag somewhere that says MADE IN CHINA.

Which has to make a person wonder, even if only a little bit, about the process of turning the growing interest in vintage travel trailers into a mass-produced product--one that's likely meaningless to the Chinese workers turning them out to the specs of some importer somewhere.

No political shadings intended. Just an observation made while a whole bunch of the vintage travel trailers from China were all lined up.


  1. Virtually EVERYThing's made in China these days! I read this book & recommend it: "A Year Without Made in China."
    "Journalist Bongiorni, on a post-Christmas day mired deep in plastic toys and electronics equipment, makes up her mind to live for a year without buying any products made in China, a decision spurred less by notions of idealism or fair trade—though she does note troubling statistics on job loss and trade deficits—than simply "to see if it can be done." In this more personal vein, Bongiorni tells often funny, occasionally humiliating stories centering around her difficulty procuring sneakers, sunglasses, DVD players and toys for two young children and a skeptical husband. "

  2. I can see it now, that an under-paid Asian worker, sitting in a dimly lit factory, is thinking.. "Crazy Americans"...

  3. Like so many things lately....even our food on the shelves in the store...I am sick of it! Our labor force is out of work....da!