Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vintage Trailers: The Private Palaces of Personality

Vintage travel trailers are just like the people who own them: No two are ever alike.

In fact, when it comes to the trailers, each and every one is a private palace of personality, creatively expressed and instantly recognizable after you've seen it once.

Each one is an instant conversational ice-breaker, wherein even the shyest of owners is able to say something about herself without actually being the first to speak up.

Even the trailers left very plain, with no artwork or other add-ons, reflect a distinct personality.

With its horse and native American graphics, plus its desert color scheme, this vintage trailer says something about what resonates with the person who owns her.

Here, we have the personality expression of someone who likes to travel light!

And here, we have the expressed personality of someone who is quite the opposite.

So this has to get us wondering:

What could your vintage trailer tell us about your personality?


  1. Well, since I have 3 distinctly different trailers,,, with 3 different themes... does that me I am Schizo/psycho? lol!

  2. No, it just means you are more personable than most.


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