Monday, January 2, 2012

What Girl Campers Do For Entertainment

Husband to Girl Camper as she loads an old wooden ironing board into her trailer for a weekend outing:
'You girls IRON when you go camping?!'

Uh, no.

But an ironing board does come in handy as an entertainment bar, so that's how I use the one that happens to fit perfectly, when folded, behind the front seat of my tow rig.

Speaking of entertainment, it's never JUST about sipping and noshing.

I can't think of a single Girl Camping friend I have who wouldn't love to start a day's entertainment in a place like this--preferably after hitting a few early a.m. garage sales on the way. (Shopping, with high-delivery caffeine? Oh, yeah.)

And, there's a certain breed of trailer-owning camper who gets a huge kick out of going on a group horseback ride, or boat ride, or bike ride, or what have you, when the chance comes along.

The most intrepid of these leave their trailers behind to join Girl Camping Girl on wilderness pack trips--where 'roughing it' out on the trail is the entertainment.

But we mustn't forget the Girl Camping entertainment mainstay that does NOT involve befriending a mule and sleeping on the ground in a tent--namely, playing with all of your decor toys, and delighting others in the process, just as soon as that trailer gets parked.

Whimsy, produced before your very eyes by one of your Girl Camping friends, right outside her canned ham trailer--that's entertainment, for sure!


  1. I also have an old ironing board I use as a 'bar'. Sometimes a beverage bar...sometimes a S'more bar! Depends on the guests!! lol

  2. My favorite entertainment.... is while out Junktiquing,,, I find that 'perfect something trinket' for one of my special gal~pal trailer divas!
    Happy Trails!