Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Few of Our Favorite Girl Camping Things

Chalkboards and levels and guests who are smitten.

Kencrafts and sun hats and cute chairs for sittin'.

Cute little Shastas that roll on with wings--
These are just some of our favorite things.

Cream-frosted trailers with wheels made of cookies.

Parties for Newgals so they won't be rookies.

Wild friends whose presence can make the heart sing--
These are some more of our favorite things!

Campsites with flowers and tiki umbrellas.

Birthdays in honor of our special fellas.

Winters that give way to new camping springs--
These are yet more of our favorite things!


  1. What a wonderful hidden talent you have!! Must set to music and video :) ! Know JUST the guy to do it, too!

  2. Oh great! now I will be hummming that tune for the rest of the evening! lol!
    Happy Trails...

  3. Car camping is wonderful and convenient. Maybe next time, I will have a try. However, I also love camping in my camping tent.

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