Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Few Fun Things From the Trailer-Toys Collection

Common thread among the Girl Campers: Collecting fun things that end up as trailer toys.

These are the items you could do without, as they have nothing to do with the basics of shelter, food,  and safety. But hey, we're GIRLS, and as such, we tend to collect things that please the eye and tickle the fancy--our own, and that of fellow campers.

In other words--we love our junque!

This is how the Girl Camp Lodge--the trailer whose theme is 'girled-up hunting & fishing cabin'--came to have its very own stained glass window of a deer.

Sure, you could pack your toiletries into a plain tote of some kind--but the fun is in customizing something that only you will have.

Unless you count chocolate cake as a necessity, every item on this table is purely optional. But, put them all together, and what you get is some very fun Girl Camping eye candy.

Purses, pitchers, paintings, funky to find, and fun to play with after you have them.

Farm Chick, Trailer Chick, Sister Chick, Travel Chick...all of it makes you a Fun Chick!

Wouldn't you agree?


  1. Totally and I get more almost everyday!! Love seeing all those cute the repurposing! Now off to my Chick Cave to use some of those ideas!

  2. i just got a vintage apron and mini yard flag--all with roses--for my trailer, Rosie. Now looking for an old metal tray with roses.

  3. Hey, Raylene--If you don't find that tray on your own, let me know--I may have spares with roses on them! (They tickle my fancy, too.)

    Rosie--great name for a trailer!!

  4. I have an old metal tray. It is round and it's up in the attic. I've got an old apron my grandmother made me. Oh you all inspire me! Get's me to thinking and perks up my little mind!!!

  5. I'm still in the midst of my restore on my Maggie May, but I sure am buying pretty things in anticipation :D

  6. perfect camping food - two of mine aren't so keen on marmite, but can imagine it gives the pasties a nice savoury kick, and figure if I didn't tell the kids they'd never know! Your trip to the sea sounds lovely and glad you're not a super organised camper either, I'm always forgetting something! Never forget sweet treats though. Or bacon...or wine :)more