Sunday, January 22, 2012

Items For Your Girl Camping Wardrobe

Remember when you were little, and loved to play dress-up?

Camping with your trailer-chick buddies will take you right back to those days--as Miss Grace and Miss Paulette prove, in their attire chosen for a camping dinner tagged as the Petticoat Potluck.

Petticoat, crinoline, tutu, pettiskirt: Whichever you choose, it'll go perfectly with cowgirl boots, and is ridiculously fun to flounce around in!

Girl Camping is also about being outdoors, so a shady-brim hat is a wardrobe must. If a cowgirl hat doesn't suit your style, a straw garden hat might be your perfect alternative--as it is for Miss Marie, the fabulous campin' mom of yours truly.

Another good reason for bringing a cute hat: It'll bail you out on a bad-hair-day morning, or when you're dry camping, and don't have showers and electricity for hair styling.

A stylish pair of rubber boots deserves a place in your Girl Camping wardrobe, for those mornings when there is dew on the grass or (oh no!) when Mother Nature decides to rain on your camping parade.

With a pair of themed pajamas, that go with your trailer, you'll be right in style around the morning campfire.

Even better: Pair the PJs with a coordinating hat!

A cute denim jacket is another wardrobe staple. Leggings or tights are essentials, too, so you can show off the tops of those awesome cowgirl boots.

Remember to save some room for your most bodacious jewelry, cuz that's the frosting for your dress-up cake!


  1. I've got the tutu, I need boots, and PJ's. Ok, I need a jean jacket too, 'cause my old one is covered in paint. :)

  2. That 'organically painted' denim jacket might be just the thing--bling it up and see what happens!

  3. Your site is so cute, I just love it and I'm a girl camper too!

  4. Be forewarned,,,, once you have aquired your 1st petticoat... you'll find yourself in search of one in every color! lol!(just like our trailers!) lol!
    Happy Trails!

  5. Thanks for this useful post.
    Usually, I will bring with my shady-brim hat to prevent strong sunshine radiation. Besides, I'll also take with my family tents, add much fun to my trip.

  6. Okay, where can I find the boots? Do they come in wide calf styles?


      This a link to the boot style shown. Multiple places sell them, and they also come in many styles. As far as I know, though, there is not a choice of calf sizes.

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