Friday, January 27, 2012

Facelift for a Vintage Trailer's Door

Miss Grace, one of our stalwart Girl Camping friends, is always up to something, it seems, when it comes to enhancing her vintage Scotty trailer.

She passed along this picture of the facelift she gave to the inner side of the Scotty's exterior door. Originally painted white, with lots of scuffs from many years of use, the door is now a pretty sight whether Grace is inside or has the door opened to the world.

Something else you should know about Grace: She's intrepid with a can of spray paint!

Thus, the door didn't just get sprayed with aqua enamel, it also was treated some chalkboard paint--also from a spray can--to make the door useful as well as prettier. Wooden trim strips, cut to fit, frame the new chalkboard.

The embroidered curtain is a vintage pillow slip, stitched up with a rod pocket at the top. With two layers of fabric and trim all around the bottom of the slip, the curtain is as nice to view from the outside as it is from within.

Way to go, Miss Grace, and thanks, too, on behalf of anyone you may have just inspired!



  1. Awe, Pashaw! and GCG get's half the credit for the curtain... it was in it's former life, a pillow case... But GCG had the fab-u-los idea to use it as a gift bag filled with goodies for me... :>)

  2. Girl campers must have an extra creative-gene. Best of all, they love sharing their ideas! Thanks, Girl Camping for sharing these ideas from Grace.

  3. You are all such creative amazing gals! I better go get my spraypaint and start.

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