Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Addictive: Trolling for Vintage Trailers

No one warns you about this at the start of your infatuation with vintage camping vehicles, but... you will become addicted to spotting them. Even become a U-turn expert, in no matter what you're driving at the time.

Maybe even to the point of turning into the Girl Camper version of a trespasser and a stalker.

This could be an area of obsession that needs a 12-step program. Because it is, without question, addictive.

If you're of the rescuer persuasion, these puppies can be more dangerous to be around than an abandoned batch of real puppies. Yes, it is actually possible to feel sorry for an inanimate object.

In advanced stages, you will find yourself bringing home a trailer you just could not pass up. Exhibit A above: Barbie, the Girlfriend Trailer, spotted for sale in the middle of nowhere and purchased with "just in case" trailer trolling cash.

Could we cure this addiction with group therapy? Doubtful--because camping with the girls is group therapy, and all it does is feed it!

(So...anybody see anything interesting out there today in Trolling Land? Some ad links to post, perhaps, for a little dreamin'?)


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  2. " name is Amy and I am a Vintage Trailer Troller."

    now all together...."HI AMY"

  3. LOL Hi, I'm a vintage trailer troller that succumbed to vintage stalker. It's an addiction that has cost me hours and gallons of gas.....

  4. I trolled and purchased! The hunt was a thrill and the purchase was the climax! I still drive down the road and watch for neglected trailers and dream of having them! Pam

  5. Hi, I'm Debbie, a newgal and vintage trailer troller. Right now I'm having fun reading all your old posts. Great blog! Love everything about Girl Camping :)

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