Wednesday, November 2, 2011

'Where To Next?' (Making Those Plans For Next Year)

Thanks to our Girl Camping friend, Miss Patty, we've learned something important about those camping trips we dream of taking:

If you don't put them on your calendar as red-letter dates, those trips are likely to pass you by. After all, you haven't committed the dates to camping, so...

[any of this sound familiar?]

* You fall prey to life's everyday gotta-do's, which jump up to assert themselves as being 'more important, really' than the fun and memories you would make by camping.

* It becomes easier to procrastinate on doing the little fixes/projects/fix-ups to your camping outfit, and by the time an event or trip comes around, you're not ready.

* The others in your household are free to claim the 'blank' weekends and holidays for their own purposes (many of which inevitably will involve you and your services).

* There are no trailer sites or sign-ups left by the time you make a last-minute decision to attend, leaving you SOL.

* You don't budget for the expenses, and end up having to stay home and pay bills instead of joining in.

Here's Miss Patty from last April, on a calendar-planned camping trip where...we didn't get to go camping, exactly, because the weather didn't cooperate. Stay home? Not the Miss Patty way. So we both drove to the agreed-upon meet-up town, hotel-camped instead, and made it its own kind of Girl Camping adventure.

Just one reason why she rocks it on a regular basis.

We have several camping dates already saved and circled for 2012. How about you?

1 comment:

  1. Oh you betcha!
    May,,,,in Pendelton.
    June on the river in Spokane
    July, GC.Elk
    Sept on horseback
    oh and of course we'll squeeze in a little
    B-day party in Aug for a special pal.
    and these are just the already penciled in my calendar events!