Monday, November 21, 2011

Camping It Up For Christmas Decor

For the trailer-obsessed (this is all of us, right?), the holidays are more fun than ever because we get a whole new reason to play with our trailer replicas.

Cookie jars, birdhouses, salt and pepper sets, favorite books, camping-theme ornaments...they all work just perfectly to put some whimsy into your holiday vignettes.

We love the tabletop easels that let you display a book, either closed or opened to a colorful spread. (This book, 'MaryJane's Outpost,' is by our friend MaryJane Butters and includes a number of photos taken at Girl Camp, plus a section on the 1929 camping trip taken by Girl Camping Girl's grandmother.)

You can even hang an ornament from the top of the easel, for that neat little trick of 'accessorizing the accessories.'

Anything you create on a tabletop will look even better with a little candlelight--this little rig gleams from a tealight in a holder that looks like a tiny crystal firepit.

As you pull out your regular Christmas items, like this ceramic cabin that lights up, your tiny trailers will inspire some new ideas. (This salt and pepper set has just-right dimensions for being parked in front of the cabin.)

You also could do an entire large tree in a Girl Camping theme. We're gonna give that a try this year and see how it turns out.

Maybe with a pink flamingo on top!


  1. You just inspired me to trash tradition on the Christmas tree this year! Bye bye Angel tree topper, hellooooo little light up flamingo!

  2. I would love to see a whole tree with nothing but pink flamingos and turquoise trailer ornaments!