Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Friday (That Holiday Feeling That Comes Every Week)

All Girl Campers love Fridays!

Fridays are the "I could go camping!" day of the week. Sometimes, when we're lucky, they're even the first morning we get to wake up in our trailers or tents, having sneaked away from home the day before.

In that case, a Friday is a happy day indeed. You wake up under your color-coordinated covers, realize you are NOT still at home, NOT going to work today, NOT stuck doing household chores, and NOT having to do anything for the day that you don't truly want to do.

Start the coffee, stir up the campfire, or just pull the covers up and go back to sleep for a while. It's Friday, and it's YOUR day.

But a Friday that's Departure Day is an excellent Friday as well. You get to be behind the wheel instead of behind the desk, and that's its own rewarding reality. It's a Friday when you can dose on mental vitamin A, for Anticipation, to your heart's content.

And, on those Fridays when camping is just not in the cards, it's still a good day to put the camp-dreams cap on, and give in to thinking about your favorite friends & fun instead of the next thing on your to-do list. Maybe stop by the crafts store on your lunch hour, to pick up supplies for that trailer project you've been meaning to get around to doing.

At Girl Camping World Headquarters, we start every Friday with the 'Happy Friday!' salutation. It gets the day off to a smiling start, whether we're blessed enough to be camping with you girls or not.

Pass it on!


  1. You know that's a great idea. I just completed some re purposing items ( and I am indeed ready to do something for my Driving Ms. Daisy trailer. I got some Mexican decals...I need to put on my thinking cap....have a great weekend, Juli!

  2. Sooooo agreeee w/U!
    Tho it will be months down the road now, till we get to experience those Happy Friday Trailer mornings...we can still wake up & smile knowing that we'll be back on the road agin....meeting up w/our gal~pals... splitting wood in the early a.m. with our new splitter-axe thingy and bumming coffee off of each other !lol!
    Happy Friday my friends

  3. I want to come live by, really, I do! I just found your blog and I love, love, love it!! I'm from Wisconsin and I would love to get my friends to join me in a camping weekend. Most of my camping friends have 'big rigs' complete with all the bells and whistles. We do to. But they aren't as FUN and I don't like pulling a big a** 5th wheel around! I just today became Sister #3614 with Mary Jane's Farm. My trailer of choice is a 63 Shasta. She's gorgeous! I love her! I too have a blog and I have some pics of her posted. If you would like to check it out, it's Come visit! Until I get some gal friends that enjoy this kind of thing...can I live at your blog?! :-) Keep up the great work....Happy Trails! Amy B and "the Little Chickadee".

  4. Hello, Amy. Welcome to the blog! You aren't going to believe this, but Mary Jane's Farm is just one big hill over from where I live. Mary Jane was one of the very first guests at Girl Camp! Some of her book photos were taken there.
    Lucky you to have a '63 Shasta. That's such a classic trailer. I'm sure there are other potential camping gals where you live--just have to help you find them. Will be checking out your blog. Cheers!