Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inside the Cowgirl Trailer (Come On In)

Howdy! This little cutie belongs to Girl Camping Girl, and today, the door is open for a virtual trailer tour.

(It's a short tour, since this trailer, a 1968 Oberlin, is only 13 feet long from the rear bumper to the hitch front.)

The dinette is at your right as you step in. The color scheme, inside and out, uses red, black, and buckskin.

The sink and cooktop are on the driver's side, but usually get covered to form counter/display space for favorite cowgirl collectibles.

In real life, Girl Camping Girl is the editor of a Western horse magazine. Can you tell, from the trailer's reading material?

The cabinet doors are painted glossy black, and trimmed with vintage Western belts, nail studs, and trophy buckles from GCG's horse shows.

Naturally, the rear bed is cowgirled-up, too, with lots of pillows and Pendleton bedding.

The camping luggage is old, but dressed up with old cowgirl postcards and photos.

There's really no mistaking that a buckarette-type owns this little cowgirl boudoir on wheels. Hope to show it to you in person someday!


  1. Love it! Love it! Love it! I would love to see it in person some day. How did you do the awning? Thank you for sharing your 'cowgirl boudoir'

  2. Very cute! Love all the cowgirl stuff!!

  3. Hope to See your Little Cowgirl Cutie in person one day!!!
    Smiles, Christine

  4. it is awesome! Gonna have to check out your magazine! Love your curtain on the door! Hope to run into you on the trail sometime!

  5. For Rhonda,
    The awning is made of a canvas painters cloth, with upholstery samples sewed onto it. Then it was treated with waterproofing stuff. Will have to do an awning how-to post, thanks for the idea!

  6. Love it very much. My actual girl camping rig is my horse trailer with a LQ.


  7. Nice, Jean! Hope to camp with you some time!

  8. Awesome trailer - Have to love these little canned hams. I have a very cute aladdin for sale. 5307080150.

  9. I adore your trailer!

    Smiles, Cyndi