Sunday, November 27, 2011

The History of Girl Camp (Part I)

In the beginning, circa 2001, Girl Camp wasn't about camping. It was about satisfying the archetype of an escape place in the mountains.

Girl Camping Girl and her husband, Mr. Ed, had based some horse-camping trips from the tiny town of Elk River, Idaho, where outdoor recreation had taken the place of the timber milling on which the town was founded in 1910. About 40% of the town was for sale at the time, and after the 9/11 tragedy and ensuring recession occurred, nothing was selling.

Except for...

...the 32x24-foot millworker's bungalow in the photo above. It sat on a corner lot in town and was unoccupied. Both GCG and Mr. Ed had a love-at-first-sight experience upon opening the front door--which took some doing, considering the snowfall that winter--and the seller took their offer.

By then, it was the dead of winter, and the For Sale sign would be buried until the following May. And so would everything else except the inside of the little house. (Bad time to sell--great time to buy.)


Eventually, summertime did come back to the mountains, revealing a lovely sloped backyard.

Meanwhile, this little gem of a canned ham travel trailer had presented itself, for sale one day on a street back closer to home. One cash negotiation later, it was hooked up to GCG's truck. But she never got to come and visit the little house, because of that sloped backyard, which left nowhere to park her except on a town street.

A few more winters came and went. Including the one that crushed the mobile home, on the flat lot, across the street.

To be continued....


  1. GCG you are my Hero! You could see what so many could not,,, a diamond in the rough... So glad you & the Mr Ed took that leap of faith and bought the lil "Shot Gun" bunglow.... I love visiting her,,,I can feel her smiling, knowing she is loved and appreciated. Plus she has such charming history.
    As for the demise of the poor old tin trailer,,,, how sad she gave way to the harsh winters of Elk.
    Happy Trails...

  2. Oh my stars!!! The snow!! Incredible!!! We just got back from vacation and I'm catching up on my blogging!! I'm loving my trip through Girl Camp history. Thanks!!