Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today's Project: Making A Winter Girl-Fort In The Airstream!

The first of the winter snows blew in last night, for a momentarily depressing realization:

It really is the end of camping season, at least up in northern Idaho, where your friend Girl Camping Girl happens to be. Nobody wants to be out on slick roads with a trailer, and freezing her petticoat off besides.

But then we went 'AHA! The Airstream has a furnace! Let's go turn her into a winter girl-fort instead of just letting her sit there, doing nothing until next summer.'

Here she is, while on a boy-camp outing with Mr. Mister. Good perspective on why they named these babies 'Land Yachts.' (She's over 30 feet long and weighs 5600 pounds!) She spends most summers serving as the guest house at Girl Camp.

But no reason why she can't be useful in winter, too, while parked right here at home. (Why didn't we think of this earlier?)

Heading out to the trailer barn right now to heat the Big Girl up, open the curtains, and give her a little winter-fort makeover. Perfect way to be Girl Camping, even on a snowy day!

(Will let you know how it turns out.)


  1. it got down to high 20's here last night....about 15 miles north of Atlanta! Yet we will have a couple of days next week in mid to upper 70's.

  2. How fun! We got a skiff of snow but my gal is covered and protected for the winter....I have already made Spring dates for us!

  3. my 'girls' are slumbering too!
    In the mean time, I am dreaming & scheming of more deco ideas and summer jaunts whether with or with out full hook-ups! lol!
    Happy trails...