Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Glorious Girl Camping Girls

Tricked-up trailers, darling decor, clever camping ideas, fun finds. All part of the vintage-trailer-camping pastime and what you see often here, and at the Girl Camping page on Facebook.

But--what about the girls themselves?!

We can't claim to have met (yet) all 2,000 of them. But we know they all have to be part of the same fun-seeking clan, cuz if they weren't...well, they probably just wouldn't see the charm in turning a 50-year-old tin can into a traveling home-sweet-home.

But among those we have met are...

The costume-fearless duo of Miss Shelley and Girl Camping Girl. They share ownership of Girl Camp, in northern Idaho.

These two are Miss Patty and Miss Julie, who live on opposite sides of greater Portland, Oregon.

With a jar of Mod Podge and a handful of fabric to be sewn, this can be no one else but Miss Grace.

Sporting flamingo pajamas and an artistically painted trailer, we have the unique Miss Mig.

Classic beauty with a Shasta cutie...Miss Linda, adventurer extraordinaire.

This is Miss Linner, who hails from Pendleton, Oregon, and has a trailer done up just splendidly in red, white and blue.

Party girls! Miss Deeann and Miss Toni, observing the world through 3D glasses!

This is Miss Bonnie, rockin' that Girl Camping staple, the redneck wine glass.

Woohoo--here's Miss Debbie, making a grand entrance!

This is Miss Carolyn, whose glowing smile reveals a lovely soul to go with it.

Wild thing! And she can't be anyone else but Miss Karen, because no one else could mix a fringed leather vest, a yellow petticoat, and a feather boa--and get away with it.

Here is Miss Marie, with her great-granddaughter Annika. Miss Marie is Girl Camping Girl's mom, and Annika, GCG's granddaughter, is the littlest Girl Camper in the gang.

Miss Annika is only 5 months old but already has her own camping tutu!

That was just a selection of the special ladies who camp with girls....the next time there's a chance for a group photo of Girl Campers, we hope you will be in it!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Every Vintage Trailer Has A Story

Meet Delbert. Delbert is a 1960 Aljo 1900, named after his original owner who purchased him new, 52 years ago. Until a couple of weeks ago, when acquired by Mr. Ed (spouse of Girl Camping Girl), Delbert had been with his first family all that time--being passed down from one generation to the next, to the next.

Much of Delbert's history as a travel trailer was affixed to his ample backside. The seller--grandson of the original owner--had many stories about camping with Delbert, purchased the same year he was born. He'd taken his own daughters camping in the 19-foot trailer after inheriting it.

But with one thing leading to another, Delbert had gone unused for almost 10 years, and was sitting in a barn, gathering dust. And hence, was offered for sale. When Mr. Ed hooked up and drove him out into the sunshine, you could almost hear the old fellow go 'Ahhhhhh--fresh air!'

Delbert, it turns out, is built like the proverbial tank. Which is a good thing, because the next part of his life story began with a 10-mile haul down a one-lane gravel road that had not been graded in some time. (To the good: Not one of his cabinet doors sprung open during the bumpy ride!)

Speaking of cabinets...Delbert has all kinds of them, made of beautiful birch.

His sinks and appliances are butter yellow and in remarkably good condition for their age.

Grandpa Delbert's American flag was still in the rear closet. After the trailer received a good cleanup, inside and out, the flag went into its holder.

Delbert is now making friends with the Hacienda del Sol, a 1972 Airstream Land Yacht that was the first of Girl Camping Girl's vintage trailers.

And guess where you can find Mr. Ed--or should we say, Girl Camping Guy--whenever he has a spare moment?

If this is 'enabling'--we're into it!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Be On the Lookout For...Trailers Heading for Girl Camp

We look forward to it all year, and hope our guests do too...'it' being the annual summer gathering of trailer friends at Girl Camp.

With the trailers being just as unique and special as the owners, here are a few that'll be on the road in our direction soon.

'Betsy Ross.'

'Kauai Kencraft.'

'Mz. Daisy.'

'Island Girl.'



'Scotty with a Potty.'

'Iron Pony.'

Be sure to wave if you see any of them go by--someone with a big smile will be at the wheel!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Girl Camp Season, Underway!

Ah, Girl Camp...that place we love at the end of the road (in Elk River, Idaho, population 156).

As soon as summer comes to the mountains, we're there almost every weekend--sometimes by ourselves, sometimes with family, and sometimes with trailer-ite guests.

Every year, we work to add some new amenities. This year, it's border trees and a new power panel for more trailers to use.

The wall sink that hooks to a hose is always a hit. (Little girls, big girls--they all like to play house.)

They like to cool off in the blow-up pool, too, when not out on the reservoir trying to catch a trout.

We love stringing up the colored flags that make everything look festive.

Ditto on the summer umbrellas. Looks like a technicolor mushroom field!

There's outdoor cooking...

...and indoor cooking....

...and when we're lucky, there are friends who come to Girl Camp to share it all with us.

Hope you'll someday be able to join us at our little piece of Paradise Found.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Turning Bare Ground Into Camping Town

It sure is amazing how you can turn a swath of flat ground into a camping town in just no time at all.

You just need more than one vehicle or tent used as a private domicile, and PRESTO--instant village! Each occupant automatically claims space as 'mine,' to be decorated and defended (just ask the small dog that sometimes lives within).

The area beneath an awning is precious real estate. The bigger the better.

Put a few folks on some camping ground, and you can sit back and observe, at work, the innate human tendency to mark off territory.

Each resident of the camping town will figure out some way to enhance the creature-comfort factor of his carved-out space.

There will be rituals and bonding experiences, such as only life in a camping town provides.

Some temporary camping towns are more than just a parking lot. They're special enough to be named and signed, like a permanent town. They are each A Place, not mere places to go, and as such, invite rendezvous.

Hence...Girl Camp!