Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lazy Summer Days (Miss 'Em Already!)

What a difference a few short weeks can make for those of the Girl Camping persuasion. Especially if they live up north.

Then: Hot enough for the blow-up pool!
Now: The furnace kicks on in the middle of the night and the shorts are put away until next year.

Then: Swimsuits and tank tops, slushy margaritas with a straw, and Mickey Mouse ears just for grins.
Now: Pumpkin spice lattes, and thoughts about sweaters.

Then: The bluest of blue skies.
Now: 'Gee, where did I put that trailer tarp?'

Then: The wine was white, and chilled. (Every Mad Housewife needs an apron, right?)
Now: The wine is red, and room temp.  And the bottle is wearing a knitted cozy.

Then: We had gorgeous, fresh summer flowers with which to adorn our glammed-up potluck spreads.
Now: We're almost down to the last-flower-standing.

Then: Our vintage trailers could live outdoors and serve as fun little guest houses.
Now: They're making their way back into sheltered places for protection from coming bad weather.

This isn't to say that we don't have any autumn camp trips planned--cuz we do! But now that days have become shorter than nights, the wait for another summer has indeed begun.

Which means we'll be taking ever-bigger doses of mental vitamin A ('anticipation') for the build-up to 2013!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Miss Karen Hosts the Girl Camping Girls

Miss Karen and her Bichon, Dash, hosted a gaggle of Girl Camping Girls last weekend for some easy-R&R backyard camping. Here are Karen and Dash at the door of the Chicken Mansion, home to three very lucky and pampered hens. The Chicken Mansion is full of fun vintage finds, perhaps under-appreciated by the hens but admired by the Girl Camping Girls nonetheless.

The earliest arrivees had Happy Hour well underway by the time the last campers rolled in on Friday.

Everyone admired the new paint job on Miss Cori's Aristocrat. That red, with its red accessories, really pops and grabs the eye.

Never one to pass up a garage sale, Miss Grace displayed the purple holiday tree she found on the way to Karen's place.

Miss Mig hung up her tealight chandelier.

Girl Camping Girl tried out her new camping mat (nice horse!) and the small white vanity she scored at a local antique store.

Miss Carolyn brought her charming M&M trailer--which stands for Menopause and Medicine. (Might as well take those retirement years with a smile!) Check out the matching T-shirt.

On Saturday, 10 GC Girls piled into two pickups and proceeded to loot as many garage sales as they could find. See that mink jacket? Girl Camping Girl wore it to the campfire (glampfire?) that evening.

Here's the view at dusk from GCG's trailer-kitchen window.

The Girl Camping Girls packed up to head home after breakfast on Sunday morning. But not before they admired one more camping-eve sunset, did some star-gazing, and spent another night in their cozy trailers.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What A Girl Camping Year We've Had! (So Far)

'Set yourself free.'

That's our self-declared Girl Camping motto, and this year we've been living it with gusto.

Back in February--well before the bonafide camping season begins in these parts--we were hitting the road in search of escape and adventure. (Note trailers in background, still tucked into their winter homes.)

We left our big trailers home (but brought facsimiles), booked a riverside hotel room 150 miles away, and took the all-day scenic route to get there.

Making many impromptu 'discovery stops' along the way.

We set up camp in the motel room, and decorated it (of COURSE we did...) with some of our trailer toys.

That set the tone for more rent-a-place Girl Camping road trips. And for a rediscovery of some of the fantastic getaway zones that exist within a 150-mile radius of Girl Camping Girl's back yard.

Speaking of the back yard (or should we say the driveway), Girl Camping took place there, too, for that part of the season when snow gives way to rain. (We love pre-season camping at home! It's a dress rehearsal opp for the real thing, and since you're only steps away from the house, no pressure on remembering to have every single little thing at hand inside the trailer or camper.)

It was great when we finally did get to head out for a gathering of the tribe.

It's an always-stylish tribe....

...and a smiling tribe....

...and a sometimes-over-the-top tribe....

...and one that flourishes on vitamin F (Fun) and vitamin G (Girlfriends) whenever and wherever it can!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

As the Sun Goes Down on Summer's Camping Season

OK, so the camping itself may not be over. (For some luckies farther south, it's only just begun.)

But this was definitely the last summer camping weekend of 2012, because by next weekend, the autumnal equinox will have taken place. And it'll be fall!

Never ones to just sit around and let opportunity get away, the Girl Camping Girls have been traveling, camping, and adventuring up a storm all summer long. (Most of the spring, too, if the truth be told.)

They camped in their vintage trailers.

They camped in rustic wall tents.

And in range teepees.

Even in vintage packer cabins out in the middle of nowhere.

The Girl Camping Girls tried out new cocktails (and Mickey Mouse ears found at a garage sale.)

They hit the trails to experience some seldom-seen places.

They ate splendid things, like homemade raspberry pie.

They treated themselves to 'necessary frills,' such as chandeliers.

And this was just the start of how the Girl Camping Girls played in their summer fun factory!

Next, they're going to rest up for about a nanosecond.

And then they will be figuring out how to make the most of any free camping time that autumn sends their way.