Friday, July 11, 2014

Spotted at the Farm Chicks Campout: Accessories and Neat Ideas

The Farm Chicks Campout (see previous post) takes place the first weekend of June, during the Farm Chicks Antiques Show. It's always a great venue for picking up ideas from others.

The matched set of tote bags with vintage campers is mine. I love these bags, from, for organizing batches of items in a grab-and-go way.

The surfboard-shaped rug belongs to Miss Mig, who uses it as part of the lavish decor for her Hawaiian  trailer, Island Girl.

The spare tire cover on Miss Sylvia's trailer is made from a giant crocheted doily.

Miss Izzy's rig is a former RV, torn down to the frame and rebuilt into a gypsy wagon. It has a back porch! With railings made from the side rails of a daybed.

Miss Linda dressed up her trailer's kitchen by applying fabric to the sides of the drawers with ModPodge. Must make a note to do this.

The ceiling is covered in embossed wallpaper, painted silver to look like pressed tin.

Miss Joyce installed a faux grandfather clock inside her trailer's door. How awesome is that?!

And who says old TV trays have to stay looking that way? Miss Carol Jo's trailer sports this dandy repainted number that goes with her cowgirl theme. (FYI, a TV tray is one of handiest things you can keep in your camping outfit.)

See anything you like? Let us know!