Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Travel With The Little Little Trailer

Our intrepid TLLT felt like having turkey with the home folks this year, so she took one of her North Dakota Or Bust trips from northern Idaho with Girl Camping Girl at the wheel. (The full-size trailer stayed home due to 'negative towing conditions.')

It's almost 40 hours of driving, round trip, over the Rockies at Lookout Pass and then over 1,000 miles across the northern plains. The halfway point, going to and from, is in the general vicinity of Billings, Montana.

Through the auspices of 'Sisters on the Curb,' a function within Sisters on the Fly, GCG (Sister#444)  enjoyed and appreciated the overnight hospitality of Sisters #1 and #1570, Maurrie and Wanda.
('Curbers' offer parking and/or bunk space for fellow members who are traveling.)

We have to say that it changes women's solo travel completely to know that there's a safe place and a friendly face waiting at the end of a day's long drive. GCG rolled out her sleeping bag for a great night's sleep and loved being shown around.

And you really can't beat the local color that's available off the Interstate.

TLLT got lucky with dry roads through the Badlands.

She arrived 'home for the holidays' in time to help assemble the Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

TTLT was back on the road again the next day and found the many miles of farming country to be extremely picturesque. Progress was slow because GCG kept insisting on stopping to take pictures.

Yippee, grandkid time!

And, another fun night with new-found friends in Montana.  GCG loved the Cowboy Bar in Fishtail, and the Fishtail General Store!

The Little Little Trailer got lucky again with some dry travelin' roads for the last leg home to Idaho. She's restin' her tired wheels tonight, but never fear--she'll soon be ready and rearin' to go again!

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Little Little Trailer & Friends

In the beginning, there was The Little Little Trailer, all by herself.  She needed a place to park and call home, which led to her slice of Idaho real estate called Girl Camp.

Then she met another tiny trailer, Cherry Lane, who also needed permanent parking. One thing led to another, and soon Girl Camp became twice as big--big enough to hold several more trailers than two.

An enormous vintage Airstream arrived and took up residence as a guest house.

Then more trailer friends arrived, some of them with watercraft, and all sorts of frivolity ensued.

Now, The Little Little Trailer is surrounded by friends, old and new, and considers herself to be the luckiest little trailer in the world.

(And she thanks you for reading this, too!)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Girl Camping Grab-and-Go Bag

When you camp, tramp, and travel a lot--whether by trailer, tent, yurt, or hotel room--you find yourself wanting and using certain means of portable creature comfort.

Which is why it's so smart to create a Girl Camping grab-and-go bag. Then you don't even have to think about it when the chance to grab a new adventure comes along.

Flashlight and extra personal meds. A DIY caffeine supply, and maybe some chocolate. A good multi-tool (with corkscrew!) A favorite change of T-shirt. Dog treats. Water bottle. Small candle. Camera. You know what you'd have to have, whatever it would be.

I keep my Girl Camping bag right at the back door, and now think of it as standard operating equipment, just like my purse.

Fun ahead? Let's go!

And, we always hope not, but there also can be those unfortunate times when you're stranded or otherwise in a spot.  At those times, the Girl Camping bag can be your best friend!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Camping Cliches (How Many Times Have You Heard...')

Have you ever noticed how certain statements get made over and over when the subject (and photos) turn to camping-related subjects?

Like this one:

'My idea of camping is a 5-star hotel.' (Usually spoken as though it's an original thought.)

And a few more:

'My idea of camping is a room at Motel 6 and black and white TV.' (Same as above.)

'Now that's my idea of camping!' (Should be on a T-shirt.)

'Some water damage, easy fix.' (So easy that you haven't fixed it yourself, Mr. Seller, because...?)

'Barn find, no leaks.' (Popular craigslister line, cuz it's what we all want to hear.)

Any others occur to you?