Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vintage Trailers Get Fresh Press

The word is out: Vintage trailers are the bomb.

This week's mail brought the fall Sundance catalog, with a yearn-for vintage trailer as the backdrop.

This is also the week for official release of 'Glamping with Maryjane," by Maryjane Butters.

Girl Camping Girl and Miss Mig were pleased to be asked to contribute--trailers, vintage gowns, and location for some of the photos. Some of our blog commentary is included, too.

Very cool to see that early-April photoshoot day transformed into print!

Today, The Lewiston Tribune newspaper published a lifestyle piece featuring GCG and two fellow Girl Camping aficianados, Miss Shelley and Miss Julie P. GCG and Shelley provided trailers for the photographer.  Julie has a vintage trailer campout event planned to coincide with the annual Lewiston Roundup, Sept. 6-9.

How we roll appears to be on a roll.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Little Little Trailer Goes Glamping

The Little Little Trailer keeps hearing about this phenomenon called 'glamping' (glamorous camping). There's even a new book about it. Time to hook up, Girl Camping Girl at the wheel, and go investigate.

TLLT--being a rugged sort of little trailer--wondered if she would fit in. But the welcome sign was clearly out. 'Always be color-coordinated' seems to be an unwritten law of glamping, so TLLT fit in right away.

There'a a significant quotient of vintage style in this glamping thing.  One of Girl Camping Girl's life-sized trailers was featured in this issue of Vintage Style magazine that was inside someone's glampmobile, so TLLT felt a bit famous by association.

The Little Little Trailer loves color. Red camping cooler? Right up her street.

And red glamping cowboy boots?! Now we're talkin'! Those came very close to being tossed into TLLT's truck bed in the dark of night.

Apparently, the glamping crowd loves color, too. Bright pops of color were to be seen everywhere.

Something turquoise is practically a requirement, it seems. No ordinary TV trays for a glamper--stand back while she gets out her can of spray paint!

TLLT was impressed by the glamper girl who was able to put red, yellow and turquoise together so masterfully.

No glamper-girl gathering is complete, it seems, without someone who's seriously into pink. TLLT thought this vintage pink radio was pretty darn sweet.

Glampers don't like to leave anything undecorated. But they have a sense of humor about it: Mad Housewife, plus bottle apron!

They give each other gifts, like this table runner sewn up in vintage-trailer fabric.

And like this handcrafted sign made of wood.

TLLT even encountered a glamper girl who travels with a customized bling case!

Eventually, the glamping weekend was over, and The Little Little Trailer returned to her more rustic camping pursuits. She could see why certain women have fun playing with their glamping toys, though.

Sure beats the heck out of chopping wood!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Camping of Another Sort

Every August, Girl Camping Girl pulls her boots on and heads to Deary, Idaho, where she puts on a weekend campout trail ride for horse people. The event is a fundraiser for the Appaloosa Museum & Heritage Center in nearby Moscow, Idaho. Appaloosas are popular (natch), but all breeds of horses are welcomed. Mules, too.

GCG brings a vintage trailer to set up as her command headquarters. The horseback riders always want to get a look inside.

The vintage trailer is quite the contrast with the huge, living-quarters horse trailers that many of the participants stay in.

Girl Camping Girl brings her horse trailer to the event, too. But for this occasion, it carries flowers and other decorations--not horses.

Activities include a Dutch oven dinner and cook-off. It's the best meal this side of Thanksgiving!

Food, food, and more glorious food! Trail riders work up a mighty appetite.

It's fun to see all the beautiful horses and the riders with their best riding gear.

Western art is popular at the silent auction. And some attendees arrive wearing their Western art--not quite on their sleeves, but close.

GCG doesn't sport any tattoos, Western or otherwise. But she does break out some of her fancy hats.

Part of her job is to make sure everyone knows and follows the rules for using the private horse camp where the event takes place.

She also makes it her job to make sure everyone keeps smiling and having fun. Because without the fun, nobody will come back again the next year. And the year after that. They've been coming back for 15 years now, so something must be working.

Coordinating a campout for 60 riders and 60 horses is like any other big job--someone's got to do it!

At the end of every trail ride day, Girl Camping Girl slips away into her trailer, puts her feet up, and looks forward to the next day.

Because truth to tell, she has as much fun as anybody else who's there!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Girl Camping Trailer As Your Hideout

Travel trailers, vintage or otherwise, were made for...well, traveling. As in hitting the road and going somewhere.

But they also make a dandy everyday hideout, parked right at home. Comfy bed, a sweet pile of pillows, a book to read, perhaps the company of a favorite pet, and you're set for some private R&R.

Treat yourself to a favorite cup of something.

Cozy up by drawing the curtain closed in front of your lounging spot.

Dig into your secret stash of chocolate.

Think about what you'd like to have for dinner.

Above all--remember that Girl Camp is where you find it!

Friday, August 3, 2012

More of the Fun from Girl Camp 2012

Girl Camp--it's both a place, and an annual weekend party for a group of bonded galpals who love to travel and camp together.

Girl Camp, the place, can fit in about 12 to 13 trailers--assuming Miss Patty is on hand to perform the valet parking task of squeezing them all in!

Once the gang arrived and set up for the weekend, the food and libations poured out of the trailers. (Girl Camp appears to be a non-diet zone.)

Check out these adorable cupcakes with tiny trailers on them!

The blow-up pool was a popular spot during the hot part of the day.

Some of the Girl Camp guests headed for the nearby reservoir, a beautiful body of water surrounded by towering firs.

Camp is really where it's at, though, because every guest had her own personal little world set up, expressing her creative side, and when placed side by side, they created a special place that no one really wanted to leave for very long.

As a distaff take on 'Man Cave'--the term used for shops, garages, and pole buildings used by guys--Girl Camp has the Girl Cave. It has a makeshift but very functional kitchen, vintage paint-by-number pictures on the walls, and a table and chairs for breakfast gatherings.

It even has an ironing board and an iron! This is Miss Mig, ironing letters onto her satin queen sash.

And here we have Miss Carolyn, dressed in vintage lingerie while sipping her morning java. At Girl Camp, there is no such thing as too much style.

The Girl Cave also serves as a place to do crafting. These faux gems and other baubles found their way onto the queen sashes created by the guests for Saturday night's Queens of the Trailer Park bash.

The back yard over at the Girl Camp Cabin was turned into a frothy, frilly Wonderland with yards and yards of white tulle, satin bows and pearls, fresh flowers, and hundreds of twinkling white lights.

Here is Miss Marie, making her grand entrance to the party zone.

Just how much fun did everyone have at Girl Camp 2012? The superlative to explain that may not yet have been invented!