Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Idea for Dry Camping: A Solar Lamp

When camping without electricity (an element of dry camping), you still have need for light. Here's a super-fast way to rig up a solar lamp that can be hung outside or inside, as you need it.

The shade (thrift store or robbed from home) is suspended from a metal garden hook by means of a large S-hook. Ribbon, rope, or chain would work, too.

Under the shade, the top of a charged solar light stake goes inside a quart jar. Raffia was used to make the jar hanger, which hangs from the small end of the S-hook when under the shade. The large end of the S-hook connects everything to the garden hook.

Solar lighting is your good, good friend when it comes to camping away from a power source. No worries about smoke or fire inside your camper, trailer, or tent, and the next morning, you can pop the light top back onto its stake and let the sun charge it back up.

Plus--if you don't want to bother with  a shade--the solar light top in a jar still will help light up your night without power, whether you're indoors or out.


  1. What a koolieo idea,
    I found some small 'poke-in the-ground' type at Walmart for 97cents each.. and then there were bigger ones for $4.97
    Gotta luv solar lites!

  2. I got several boxes of them last fall on a clearance price and saved them up to use this year. They are so handy!

  3. Well, the dry camping will be much cooler with a family tent.

    Do you agree with me?

  4. Been saving pasta sauce jars all winter, picked up a bunch of cheap solar lights. Gonna use tissue paper and modge podge to make colored lights.

  5. You can also grab one of those metal planter hanging baskets out of your shed, and then wrap a string of solar lights around it. Viola! Solar Chandelier!