Friday, April 15, 2016

Go Ahead--Act Up a Little!

When a group of independent women gets together to camp, there's one thing you can be sure of:

Some hair is gonna come down! And it might even be green...or pink or purple!

Because letting loose and making fun memories is really what it's all about.

You can wear whatever you want. From 'everyday' to 'outrageous,' it's all good. And if you want to throw some pearls in with your mud shoes, no one will laugh. Instead, they'll probably be inspired to act up a little bit themselves.

If you decide to turn yourself into Janis Joplin, because that's who you feel like being for a day, go ahead!

Throw on some whimsy, if not a goofy outfit, and you'll re providing good fun-medicine for everyone else. (But if you just want to be part of the giggling audience, that's OK as well.)

Your extra fun is part of our extra fun. And the big smiles are contagious.

Even the forest critters had to smile at this apparition wearing wings.

So why not toss a couple of 50-cent mustache-straws into a trailer drawer? You never know when that urge to step out of your social norm will hit! And the other gals will love you for it!


  1. Love seeing all these memories again!

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  3. SO COOL!!! What great pics too, thanks for this great post - you made me smile big..

  4. Your group looks like my kind of people. I have been looking for a ladies group for 3 years.What part of the country do you all come from? Are you accepting new members? I would luv to know more about ur group.

  5. Your group looks like my kind of people. I have been looking for a ladies group for 3 years.What part of the country do you all come from? Are you accepting new members? I would luv to know more about ur group.

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  12. I love your comments and pictures, I can't find a place to join. I'm not very good with the computer. Is there a site to go to and join this group or any other group of women who camp together.

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