Monday, August 4, 2014

Easy Disguise for a Luggable Loo

If you have a camper or trailer without a built-in toilet, you may be familiar with the Luggable Loo. It's a 5-gallon bucket, fitted with a toilet seat and disposable liner, and you use it for those 'discreet personal moments' that sometimes occur in the middle of the night.

Highly practical, inexpensive, but not something you want to look at all the time inside your trailer.

Here's a fast, easy way to disguise it.

Step 1:
Find a vanity stool that will fit over the top of the Loo. I got this one at  Ross store for about $12. (I set the bucket and stool up off the floor in order to take a clear picture.)

Step 2:
Slip a short petticoat or slip with elastic waistband over the top of the vanity stool. An XL waistband fits the circumference of the stool well. Secure with a fashion belt that matches your style--you may have one already in your closet, but if not, a thrift-store trip should fix you right up.

Step 3:
Place the disguised Loo wherever it needs to be--outside for daytime, perhaps. To use, simply lift the dressed-up stool and set aside. Nobody needs to know what's under it!

PS. The best absorbent material I have found for inside the Loo is to use 2-3 cups of wood stove pellets. (Find them at WalMart, Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.) I buy a 40-lb. bag of these compressed pine pellets for $5; I store it in the garage, and take out as much as I need for each camping trip. I camp often, and a 40-lb. bag lasts 2 or 3 years' worth of camping.

Though designed to be burned, wood stove pellets absorb many times their weight in liquid and give off a nice pine scent. They're also far more economical to use for this purpose than commercial RV absorbents, kitty litter, or disposable diapers.


  1. I have not camped much yet but planning to.So, do you empty the loo daily?Where do you dump the pellets that are.. used??

    1. I dump them into a galvanized pail with a lid, and put them on my compost pile at home.

  2. I also see nothing wrong with placing a sealed bag in the trash. The pellets turn into damp sawdust that is biodegradable, and is less of an issue, in that regard, than the millions of baby diapers that go into trash bins every day.

  3. Great idea....I've been meaning to get some pellets.

  4. I don't know why I never see these posts, I guess I had better join this site again!

  5. I found your blog on someone else's blog. I found the other cover up for the luggable loo and would like to share the picture with some other campers but thought I would ask if that is OK with you.
    And I am loving your blog. How I wish I could own one of these vintage trailers I am seeing so many on Craig's List right now.

  6. Great post! Do you dump with every use or just wait till you get home?

  7. I use a new setup for each night of camping. I dump the used pellets into a small bin, take it home, and dump on my compost pile.

  8. I have a utility shower for my luggable loo, since our camper is too small to put it inside! I use kitty litter, but am going to have to tell my husband about the pellets. Brilliant idea!

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  10. hey Juli,,,
    I was using the 'kitty pine pellets' but I like the price of the 'stove pellets' way better!

  11. Love your Trailers so very cute ans cozy. I will have to check into the stove pellets...and I certainly need to fancy up my Chamber pot...One thing I'm looking for is a Fitted lid for the pail.